20 February 2018

Baby Pics

It's a gun!

An NDS-2T receiver for a Tantal!

I didn't expect to have the center support already installed.  Sadly, I think that I have to remove that rivet to install the side-rail.


  1. If you are installing the original side rail, it should have a relief where the rivet is, as the originals have the same rivet

    1. It's AK-Builder's version of the side rail. Cheaper and comes with instructions, which are sorely lacking for the rare and expensive original.

      Both the original and the repop are held by the center support rivet at the front, rear/top rivet of the rear trunnion at the back and a new rivet at the center. All three get ground flush with the mount so you can screw on the rail.

      The Poles had to clear their funky selector switch, so their rail is unique to the Kbk wz.88.

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