16 February 2018

Saber Rattling

A couple of opinion pieces I've read recently have talked about how President Trump is wanting to give North Korea a bloody nose with some sort of military action, but not enough to actually start a war.

That's a rough row to hoe.

I've a suggestion though.

Drop a 2,000 lb. JDAM from something suitably stealthy down the stack of Pueblo.

We've never struck her from the register, so legally she's still our ship and we're free to dispose of her however we like.


  1. It would be even better to conduct a modern cutting out expedition and take it back. The hardest part would be finding a way to tow it and protecting it until it was safely out to sea.

    1. Getting past all the bridges is likely the insurmountable obstacle of repossessing it.

  2. Past the bridges? PAST the bridges?

    I vote for THROUGH the bridges.

    After all, they are obviously obstructions placed to prevent recovery of lawful US property, hence illegal.


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