18 February 2018

Getting Blamed When It's Not My Fault

It's really starting to piss me off.

My name is not Patrick Purdy.

My name is not Dylan Klebold or Eric Harris.

My name is not Adam Lanza.

My name is not Omar Mateen.

My name is not Nikolas Cruz.

Yet, it is I who must bear the punishment for the crimes of these scum?


I say no.

Because for 29 plus years I've been hearing about the evils of "assault weapons" and school shootings.

For ten years they got their wish and we had some pretty severe gun control on those evil guns.

I started trying to count up how many shootings had occurred.  Most of them don't seem to have a fatality.  I keep noticing that the list has a lot of shootings in places with the kind of laws that the gun banners have wet-dreams over.

I have a suggestion:

Why don't we do something different?

Because I noticed something reading this huge list.  There aren't many school shootings before 1934.  There aren't many between 1934 and 1968.

But we sure have a ton since 1990 when the first try at a Federal gun-free zone was passed.

We sure have a ton since the news cycle went 24/7.

The most prominent murderers, especially lately, were ignored by every level of law enforcement whose attention it was brought to.

Why don't we repeal the gun free zones?

Do you know why I ask?

Because on February 15, 2018; 136,272,972 people didn't shoot up a school.

Because on February 15, 2018; 136,272,924 people didn't murder anyone.

Who are these people?  Gun owners.

Not all of those murders were with a gun either.

42% of the country has a gun.  The AR-15 is the most popular firearm in the US.  The sheer numbers are staggering about how many of them are out there and that's just one kind of military lookin' gun.

If gun owners and their guns were a real problem, you wouldn't need politicians and celebrities to tell you about it.  You wouldn't be able to escape it or ignore it.

So, since we've established that gun owners aren't the problem, can we talk about finding the actual root cause here?

I know what I think is wrong, but I'd like to keep an open mind to suggestions now that gun-control is off the table.

I'd also like to remind everyone that even if it was dead-lock certain that the type of gun was at fault I would oppose the banning of them.


Because even with our murder rate and school shootings we don't even begin to dent the numbers that governments have racked up.  Racked up on their own, conveniently disarmed, people.

I will take Stockton, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Pulse and Parkland over the alternatives.

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