28 February 2018


5.56x45mm NATO is based on the Belgian SS109 ball and L110 tracer.

It's got various designations.

Belgium: SS109 ball and L110 tracer
Canada: C77 ball
Germany: DM11 ball and DM21 tracer
United Kingdom: L2A2 ball and L1A2 tracer
United States: M855 ball and M856 tracer

Prior to its NATO standardization with STANAG 4172 5.56x45mm was a US standard only.

United Kingdom: L2A1 ball and L1A1 tracer
United States: M193 ball and M196 tracer

7.62x51mm NATO has been the rifle standard since the organization's inception.

Belgium: SS77/1 ball
                L78 tracer.
Germany: DM41 ball
                 DM111 enhanced performance ball.
United Kingdom: L2A2 ball
                             L5A3 tracer
                             L1A1 grenade blank.
United States: M61 armor piercing
                        M62 tracer
                        M64 grenade blank
                        M80 ball
                        M118 match grade
                        M948 SLAP armor piercing discarding sabot

What's interesting is there's no EPB rounds for most of NATO when the Warsaw Pact had forged ground on stuff that qualified.

There are types not listed because I couldn't find their native designation.  Germany, for example, issues tracer and armor piercing ammo.

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