26 February 2018

Interference Fit

This is the, now, decorative selector switch on my Tantal build.

To remove it normally, you rotate it past 'S' and a post on the shaft aligns with a keyway on the receiver.

Today I noticed a slight problem while mocking up the scope rail.

With the rail in the way, that selector ain't coming out of there with the shaft attached.  Not even if I remove the rail from its base.

Two things prevent normal removal.  First the cut-out in the base prevents the selector from rotating all the way so the keyway is aligned.  Second the flange around the base of the switch is captive under the base.  Note that diagonal cut, it comes up in a second.


Since this thing is riveted on and the selector shaft retains the plate that retains the hammer and trigger pins... There has to be a way to get the shaft off the switch.

That is a roll pin holding the switch to the shaft!  That diagonal cut in the base you can see above?  That's aligned with the hole for the pin with the selector in 'C'.  You punch out the pin from below and it goes into that cut and falls out to be lost in the carpet forever allow you to remove the shaft out the safety's hole on the other side of the gun.

A huge pain in the ass that one hopes one only has to do once in our entire lives.

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