18 February 2018

I Really Think So

Gun banners who are advocating that we use the Japanese model for gun control a missing a couple of things.

First, it only works in Japan for the same reason that Switzerland is awash in guns and has a low crime rate.

They're culturally different from us.

The level of everyday control on so many things in Japan would never be tolerated here, but it's considered a civic virtue there.

The Japanese model would include severe restrictions on 1st, 4th and 5th Amendment rights we take for granted.

The Japanese model wouldn't necessarily save any lives.  They've a suicide problem over there.  It's just they don't use firearms.  Aokigahara is famous from this suicide rate.

I realized that we've got a culture in the US that can be trusted with guns, any kind of gun, and isn't murdering anyone "despite" the lack of gun control laws in this country.

Neither Gun Culture 1.0 or 2.0 are a problem.

Yet, there is a cultural problem going on here.

I've said many times that America had a culture.  We did assemble it from the rendered and flayed parts of the cultures of the peoples who immigrated here; but it worked.  The crucible of the melting pot.  Slag disposed, we had a culture that was an analog to hybrid vigor.

But there's been a concerted and steady effort to destroy that culture and with it, actively preventing people from being exposed to and joining the gun culture.

With our basic freedoms still existing in damaged form, people from a damaged and murderous culture can still buy guns.  Then they go out and murder people because their culture has no respect for life.

It's an inferior culture and should be eradicated.

How do I know the gun culture is superior?  I know and am friends with stone killers.  People who've killed in the military and sleep soundly at night; but whom own so many guns you'd need a semi to move them all.  Yet they've never murdered single person once removed from the military and war.

So, let's try something new.  Since guns aren't going away, not even "evil black guns" why don't we inculcate our children into the gun culture and reject the victim culture which has no respect for life or property?

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  1. Hi Angus,
    10-4 and "Well Said!!!!!! I concur 100%.
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,


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