25 February 2018

A Thought Occurs

I think that the car rental places, hotels and airlines have missed something VERY important about The American Gunowner.

The American Gunowner can fucking NURSE a grudge.

It took Bill Ruger dying to get many gunowners to relent and consider buying a new Ruger again.  For some, even that wasn't enough!  They still won't touch one, not even a used one.

There's still hate leveled at Smith and Wesson over a deal made with the Clintons that was two owners ago.

It doesn't matter that they've repented.

And these are companies that make the products that let you say, "I'm a gun owner!" part of the very identity of gun ownership is owning what they make!

These service industry businesses are going to find they've lost the gun owner business forever.  Forgiveness is not in the gunnie nature, it seems.

Flying in cramped seats with ever more limited amenities and increasing prices lacks appeal on its own, and most people only endure it because they must.  Why endure it from someone who up front says, "Shop somewhere else"?  Can do, assholes.

Hotels are nearly fungible, do they think it really matters to us to say we're staying at their chain or another that doesn't hate us?

Renting a car?  Same deal.


  1. Don't forget KMart after they caved to Michael Moore and the other idiots and stopped selling ammo after Columbine. Gun Owners boycotted the store and they went under within six months IRRC.

  2. The only reason it won't affect me is that I already don't do business with those companies. They aren't competitive and don't offer what I'm looking for.


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