15 February 2018


As detailed here a no-side rail, modify the trigger group myself Polish Kbk wz.88 "Tantal" is $778.00.

Adding the aspirational decadence of a side rail to it and the price jumps to $898.98.

I noticed that Bulgarian AK-74 kits are generally cheaper than Polish kits so I wondered if it would be any cheaper to go after a different breed of AK-74 that's closer to the original.

Prices include shipping.

A parts kit without a barrel from Gunbroker - $365.
A phosphate finished, chrome-lined barrel from Green Mountain - $182.25.
Side rail, and rivets from AK-Builder - $47.26.
A Morrissey made receiver from Atlantic Firearms - $94.99.
Tapco G2 trigger group - $34.98.

Toss in a PMAG and you get a grand total of $886.40.

Still cheaper than a complete gun, like an Arsenal, but not any cheaper than the Tantal build.

If I were to commit and get lucky on a Bulgarian parts kit that had an original barrel still attached theoretically I could finish the project for a "mere" $773.15!

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