22 February 2018

Guilt By Disassociation

Things that I've heard about the Parkland shooter.

Registered Democrat.

Pictures of him supporting Antifa.

Lots of rumors.

With the usual anti-gun groups doing their usual thing of not wasting a crisis and proposing the same ineffective and tyrannical edicts while blaming the NRA for the murders, I noticed something.

Nobody has claimed the shooter was an NRA member.

If he wasn't part of the NRA, how can the NRA be associated with him?

1 comment:

  1. I think it's just the culture. Look at what happens when each side gathers.

    A pro-gun rally or a tea party group, they meet, they chant, they show their signs, then out come the trash bags, and any trash that was generated gets disposed of, including trash left by people the day before .

    A union rally the ground is COVERED with trash, an antifa rally the ground is covered with broken glass, excrement, blood, and (if a stand-down order wasn't issued) spent tear gas grenades.

    Both sides consider their respective behavior as acceptable.

    When you consider the general community culture, a spree shooter isn't much of an outlier.


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