13 February 2018

Ask A Simple Question

Three times before the seller answers it!

Century did a Tantal at one time.

The early guns were made with 5.56mm bore barrels so the 5.45mm projectiles just ping pong down the bore and never get any spin imparted to them.

This is exhibited by keyholing at the target at some ridiculously short ranges.

They eventually caught acknowledged the problem and the later guns had the proper bore and twist for 5.45x39mm to shoot straight.

How do you tell which is which?

If you can physically examine the gun, you can try putting a 5.45 round bullet first down the muzzle.  If the round disappears to the case, it's a 5.56 bore.

Another clue is the serial number range.  The first run got a 'TTL' serial prefix.  This is not a certain indicator of a 5.56 bore but all the 5.56 barreled guns have a TTL prefix.

'Y' and 'TTL-C' prefix guns were made after the fix.

If you're selling a Century Tantal and someone asked for the serial number prefix, how many tries would it take you to answer with the requested information?

Well, sending me pictures of the Tapco G2 trigger doesn't answer the question.

Sending me a picture of the front trunnion number doesn't answer the question.

That just tells me what number FB Łucznik assigned to it.

Also, if you're an FFL do you think you're going to get in trouble with ATF for putting the number on the front trunnion and not the number on the receiver into your bound book?

Well, third time's the charm!

Century Tantals aren't $1,000 guns, so his buy it now is hopeful, and I'm betting his reserve is set close to that.  $550 to $750 appears to the range for guns that actually sell.  Considering that I can build a gun exactly to my liking for Less than $800...  Well I can do the math.

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