24 February 2018

I Don't Think It's Going To Have The Effect They Think

With all the businesses severing ties with the NRA, I think they're missing something.

I don't think there's more than a few people who are NRA members because of the perks of saving on airfare, hotel rental or car rentals.

Offering those discounts isn't to get more people to join the NRA.  Those discounts were to get the business of the NRA members for the airlines, hotels and car rental places.


What they have managed to do is insure that no NRA member will use them if there's any alternative at all.  That's a lot of people, honestly.

It's likely to bite them from other angles as well.  Lots of people who've no dog in the gun-control fight are fed the fuck up with all manner of virtue signalling.

This strikes the same chord as forcing a Christian baker to make a cake for a gay wedding did with people who didn't care about God or homosexuals.

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