25 February 2018

To Colin From Facebook

Colin works at a Best Buy in the Boston area.  He thinks he works for sales for Magnolia Audio Video, but since that's a Best Buy brand and all of their outlets are inside Best Buy's...  He works for Best Buy.

Colin, like many liberals, is short on Econ 101.

I mentioned just a little bit ago that gun owners hold grudges against businesses. Even against gun companies who decide to get political.
Now there's about a dozen companies who are cancelling their discount programs.
There's five million NRA members who're going to shop someplace else for those services, likely forever.

Were there five million non-NRA customers boycotting because of these discounts?

I'm more that willing to bet that hardly an NRA member joined for the discounts. Or for the magazine. The loss of these discounts meant nothing to them.

Until now. Not just NRA members, but gun owners are noticing these virtue signals. About 1/3 of the nation, possibly much more, own guns. How many are never going to do business with these companies again?

NRA members are also noticing how people are blaming them for something they had no hand in. When you're blaming them on Facebook, they might just check your profile, they might notice that you listed where you work, they might just stop shopping there.

Something you have to grasp about a lot of gun owners is they've got a lot of money to not do business with your employer any more. It's not predominately a collective of poor white trash and rednecks.

But you had to get political and blame the innocent for the crimes of others. You had to ignore that it was the government you want more of that failed to do one of its core duties. And failed in a corrupt and systematic way.

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