28 February 2018


The Plum MOE AK stock I have that's left over from converting Mollie Bean to the Zhukov folder will fit fine on the Tantal, and it will even look pretty good.

The angle of the first pic doesn't show how different the length of pull really is.

It's even an easy swap.  A few screws is all.  No cutting, filing, welding, riveting or hammering.

Do I want form or function?


Oh, wait, it's mutually exclusive here, isn't it?

The folding wire stock from the kit is 1 lb. 1.1 oz.

The MOE AK is 12.9 oz.

Saves over a quarter pound from the weight of the gun and is more comfortable...

It just isn't period correct.

Since this is a Twilight: 2000 inspired gun, then swapping the folder for a different AK stock is allowed, but I think it should be limited to an AK stock that would have existed in the game universe and Magpul doesn't even start making their titular product, Mag Pulls until years after the war began... so I doubt they're making MOE AK stocks in the T2K 'verse.

Plus putting the MOE AK stock on the gun loses me a Feinstein tear generator.

Since the swapping is easy, I will wait to shoot it first.

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