16 February 2018

Initial Impressions

Marv is a tinkering with his SUB-2000 Gen 2 (I sure hope that was Gatorade in his cup and not what I think it was).

The iron sights that came with the gun are teh suxxor.

Part of the pile of stuff he ordered from M-Carbo was an improved rear sight.

The new rear peep is just slightly taller than the OEM and that makes it so much easier to get your fat jowls down on the gun and use the irons.

He also replaced the front sight post with a Hiviz unit.  The post is a bit clearer, and the light tube about invisible under indoor lighting, but very clear if someone shines a flashlight down on it.  Still, overall better than the standard AR post that came with the gun.

Of course, we forgot to take picture one.

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