23 February 2018

Back When

I remember when PayPal and Ebay decided "no more gun stuff".

I've often felt we need a protection of legal commerce law/amendment.

With the steep legal barriers to entry to become a bank, they've become something of a branch of government themselves.

I propose that if the commerce is legal, then a bank or other financial institution MUST do business with the entities involved in that commerce, without regard to political considerations.

Today there's a couple banks who're shitting on the NRA.

Tomorrow it could be, oh, Planned Parenthood or Southern Poverty Law Center.

Doing business in the public square for a while means that you have to do business with people whom you don't like much.


You think that gunowner is different from those others?  Perhaps because there's no law at present specifically protecting gun owners from discrimination in the market place.

It's still discrimination.

It's thrice damned because you can't just go found yourself a pro-gun bank.  The barriers are too steep.

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