17 February 2018

Ever More Fun

Tweaking on my Twilight: 2000 conversion.

I was looking for the designations assigned by various nations to their licensed made Soviet stuff.

For example, the East German designation for the AK-74 is MPi-AK74-N.

In the process I learned that Poland never adopted the RPK or RPK-74.

Hungary never changed over from 7.62x39 to 5.45x39.  Neither did Czechoslovakia, but I knew that from knowing that they never adopted the SKS or AK.

Speaking of the SKS, Poland never adopted it.  They kept making Mosin-Nagant M-44 carbines until the AKM was available for licensed production.

A prime example that you never stop learning.  I've been playing Twilight: 2000 since its first publication in 1984 and have had all manner of research books, but I just took the weapons table's word that some nations adopted certain guns.

All better now!

It's interesting to look back at my memories of The Army and how the Warsaw Pact was presented to us as this uniform and monolithic block of nations doing everything the same way as their Soviet masters dictated.

Seeing all the variety shows that they're were as uniform as NATO in a lot of ways where small arms are concerned with national pride and costs being factors.

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