21 February 2018

Appearance Of Safety

At first nod, the idea of banning guns from a place seems to make sense.

No guns, no shooting.  No shooting, nobody can get shot!

But then you look at it harder in application.

Other than a sign, what's keeping the guns out of most of these zones?

When I go to the courthouse, there's armed deputies and a metal detector.  And a long tedious line.

When I go to a school, there's nothing actually stopping a person with a gun, or anyone checking for them.

What happens when a shooter ignores the sign?

People get shot, but there's something else.

The police show up and then will do nothing to stop the shooter for an extended time, if they do anything at all.

The vast majority of these mass shootings end with the shooter deciding they'd done enough; not with the police actually stopping them.

But don't worry, the police officers are very safe in their cordon.  They're all going to make it home.

Armed spectators they are, in the name of officer safety and procedures.

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