19 February 2018

I Don't See Anyone Stopping You

Cut the check, Bill.

There's a line on your forms that allows you to pay more taxes than you owe.

As much as you want!

You could empty your bank account into that line.

Without forcing anyone else to adhere to your generous nature.

Put up or shut up, Bill, cut the check.

Just excuse me if I don't join you in throwing my money into the black hole of Government where my money does little good and much harm.


  1. Or fuck it, just tell your team of accountants to IGNORE the Gates Foundation.

    Some good stuff it does, but do you think he also doesn't take advantage of the lowered tax base?

    better yet, pays multiple pencil pushers to make sure he gets a LOWER tax bill every quarter.

    This is just the ultra-rich version of virtue signaling.


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