19 February 2018

Litmus Test

From now on I think I'm just going to assume that any politician who can't show me their personally owned AR or AK is anti-gun.

Bonus points if they show up at a range and do some shooting, but they've got to own an example of the most popular guns in America.

That gets them marked gun neutral.

To be considered pro-gun, they've got to show me a collection that rivals mine or Willard and should include at least ONE item that's on the NFA.


  1. So I'm anti-gun?

    Or do you get bonus points for owning hipster "assault weapons" because the AR is "Too Mainstream"?

    To be fair if I didn't live in Mass I would own an AR-10.

    1. I was unaware that your gun-banner ass was a politician's ass. ;)

      Being a normal person in the place Liberty was born and died means your guns count 10:1 compared to someone in a free state.

  2. I would extend the list to a couple of other common military arms, but in general I agree with you - words are useless, and politicians have again and again shown that words are meaningless; actions speak louder, though some politicians (cough, Manchin, cough) will show actions they don't liveup to.

  3. I'll settle for being gun-neutral until you drag your butt to AL and have a look see.

  4. Not sure if I've got the creds.


      I think you've forgotten where you've put more guns than I've ever owned.


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