16 February 2018

Different Kind Of Mag Dump

In theory you can just dump a handful of five cartridges into the open magazine of a Krag-Jørgensen and be golden.

In reality, you increase the risk of getting rimlock on the first two rounds.

Let's GURPS it!

Reload time is 3i for loading rounds individually.  This reflects opening the action, grabbing each round individually and inserting them into the magazine.

Loading a clip into a Mauser is 3, and takes care of all five rounds.  The Krag ain't no Mauser.

So I figure, open the gate, grab the rounds, drop, close.  5 or 6.  Let's say 6.

6 is faster than the 15 loading carefully will take, but you incur a penalty!  The Malf will be 16 from dump loading.

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