28 February 2018

It's A Mystery

Why do I think that the Democrat party wants to ban all guns and take mine away?

Because every time there's an atrocity like Parkland, they try to ban all guns and take mine away.

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  1. Also they have been talking about Australia and the UK for DECADES! It would be one thing if some dipshit made a passing reference to those countries without knowing they had a full-on confiscation.

    No they're praising Australia and the UK BECAUSE they banned most guns and took them away from the people who legally owned them.

    And since the UK and Australia still have strident anti-gun forces, and the few remaining gun owners in those countries are CONSTANTLY fighting tooth and nail to keep what little they have left, we can extrapolate that if those draconian bastards aren't even happy with their sweeping gun bans and massive confiscation, that they haven't reached their end-goal yet.


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