28 February 2018

T2K Ammo Notes

5.45x39mm comes in several varieties just like other rounds.

The original ball ammunition with a mild steel core is 7N6, it was introduced in 1974 with the AK-74.

7N6M, introduced in 1987, changes the core to hardened steel but it's still ball ammunition in GURPS terms.

7N10, introduced in 1992, qualifies for my enhanced performance ball stats.

7N22 and 7N24 armor piercing rounds wouldn't be available in Twilight 2000.

7.62x39mm variations:

57-N-231 (Type P), introduced in 1943, is normal lead core ball ammunition.

57-BZ-231 (Type BZ), introduced in 1943, is an armor piercing incendiary round, it was discontinued in the early sixties so it would be rare in T2K.

57-N-231P, introduced in 1944, is a green tracer round.

57-N-231PM1, introduced in ???, is a delayed ignition, green tracer round.

57-N-231S (Type PS), introduced in 1944, is a lead and steel cored ball round.

57-N-231SL (Type PS), introduced in 1962, is the same bullet in a lacquered steel case.

Sometime after the introduction of SL, all Type PS ball ammunition became designated 57-N-231.

57-N-231U (Type US), introduced in 1962, is subsonic ball ammunition.

7N23 is introduced early in T2K in 1997, it's enhanced performance ball.


57-N-323S (Type LPS), introduced in 1953, normal steel core ball.

57-BZ-323 (TypeB-32M), introduced in 1954, API.

7BZ3 (Type BZ), introduced in 1954, armor piercing incendiary.

7N1 (Type PS), introduced in 1967, sniper ball, match grade in GURPS terms.
57-N-323ST (Type ST-M2), introduced in 1988,  light ball, steel core.

7BT1 (Type BT), introduced in 1990, AP green tracer

7T2 (Type T-46M1) introduced in 1990, green tracer.

7N14 (Type SNB), introduced in 1995, match grade AP.

7N13 (Type PP), introduced in 1995, enhanced performance ball.

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