20 February 2018

Gotta Watch 'Em Like Hawks

The Guns in Churches Bill, SB1048 got a couple amendments added to it today.

750932 is universal background checks.

405836 says that your guns have to be under lock and key whenever there's someone 16 or younger who could gain access to them.  This is mostly by removing the portion of the existing law that allows for positive adult control.

171530 eliminates the prohibition on firearms registration in Florida.

532180 is a complete prohibition on so-called assault weapons.  Banning sale, transfer and possession.

Write your congress weasel.  I had to write the Senate president because I am unrepresented here in FL Senate District 16.  Our Senator resigned in disgrace and the governor didn't think a special election was worth the effort.

The companion FL House bill, HB1419 remains unmolested.

PS, way to support us, Marion; ""We cannot take a position on a piece of legislation that we have not seen,  We have not seen a draft. We have not been told officially and, until we know, we cannot take a position."

Bitch, please.

I knew what my position was on this before I read it.

How hard is it for you to say, "we oppose ANY restriction on firearms owners rights, regardless of what they are"?

Get on our side Marion.

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