15 February 2018

Bare Bones

Bare Bones Kbk wz.88 in 5.45x39mm

AK Builder Parts kit with nitrided barrel - $470.95
AK Builder Center Support - $7.00
AK Builder Rivet Set - $9.00
Shipping from AK Builder - $19.14
NoDak Spud NDS-2T Receiver - $90
FFL transfer - $15
DNS Guns and Suppressors build class - $150

Total: $778.00 with a Magpul PMAG-30 AK-74 MOE magazine.

This would be modifying the kit's hammer, trigger and disconnector for semi-auto only operation and using the magazine for three 922r parts instead of the fire-control group.

The Tapco trigger could certainly be added at a later date to up the parts count and allow the use of a genuine, and expensive, Polish magazine.

My main concern at this point is AK-Builders selling out of parts kits and NoDak ending sales of the receiver.

I am bummed that Marv and Willard are unwilling and unable (respectively) to join the adventure.

The concern and bummer feeling have definitely given me cold feet about the project.

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