17 February 2018

Law Abiding Citizen Of The Federation

In an attempt to avoid the best outcome being to be buried in secrecy so my grave doesn't get violated...

I am paying close attention to the 922r compliance parts.

If ever there was a more chickenshit law passed, I'm not aware of it.

To get the imported parts count down you've got to toss perfectly good parts.

You have to carefully avoid some combinations of parts.

Some parts are easy.

The serialized receiver is a given.

The barrel comes with the parts kit.

The hammer trigger and disconnector are sold in a pack.  But the trigger will need a notch cut for a spring because Tantal.  A pre-modified trigger is available from Apex, but I don't think I need it.

Magazines count for three parts with the body, follower and baseplate.

All of the above get's the Godless-Furriner-Parts-That-Matter® down to 8.  Anything 10 or below is Kosher.

The rub happens when you want to use a nostalgically pleasing and photogenic Hecho en Polska magazine.  That ups the parts count to 11.

One solution is to find US made followers for your magazines.  That solves the photogenic part of the issue, but might introduce function problems from tossing a perfectly good follower made to the same specifications as the magazine by the same manufacturer.

Replacement floor plates are also a solution. 

The use-any-magazine solution is to replace the gas piston.

This is pain-in-the-ass territory.  The gas piston is threaded and riveted to the bolt-carrier on an AK pattern gun.  Drill out the rivet.  Screw out the perfectly good old piston.  Toss it.  Screw in new piston.  Drill a hole in it to match the holes in the bolt carrier.  Hammer in a new piston.  File/sand/grind the rivet heads flush with the contour of the bolt carrier.

All for compliance with a law that apparently is never checked or applied until you run afoul of the cops in some other way.  Where you're burned for the primary charge so the add-on 922r violations are just a dusting of sprinkles on top of the going-to-prison sundae.

Serious!  Look for someone who isn't some form of licensed manufacturer getting in trouble for just having too many 922r parts.

Looking around at my fellow shooters at the range; there's a lot of non compliant SKS's out there.

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