23 February 2018

But He Made It Home Safe

Deputy at the school shooting didn't do his job.

I'll keep repeating this:  If you want the respect of heroes you have to do heroic deeds.

That means running towards the sound of gunfire.  Even though you might get shot yourself.

It means getting between the danger and those you're supposed to be protecting.  Even though you might get shot yourself.

It means taking a moment to sort out the good guys from the bad guys, so you don't shoot the wrong person.  Even though you might get shot yourself.

It means doing something immediately to save lives other than your own by following procedures that exist only to sanctify institutional cowardice.

The only way to be a hero is to be heroic.


  1. Commented last night on your "Magic Field Didn't Work" post.

    Fuck that dude. He's a coward with no honor. What person with the ability to change the situation, DOESN'T run towards the sound of children dying?

    And following procedure? Actually, he blatantly ignored policy. Standards for an active shooter scenario are for the FIRST LEO ON SCENE to go and engage.

    Historically, school shooters are cowards who either surrender or turn the gun on themselves at the first sign of confrontation. So the cuurrent policy is to engage as soon as humanly possible.

    If the SRO would have checked up for 20 seconds or so before entering, I could understand. Confronting the possibility of your death is a sobering experience. But a good officer would have pushed through that fear and engaged. As we are taught, and as is policy.

    So yeah, Fuck that dude. I hope the parents of all those dead children sue him for the full amount of that retirement he doesn't deserve.

    1. The rest of his department didn't exactly cover themselves in glory with their response either.

      Significant amount of time after they showed up before the entered the school, and the shooting had long since stopped with the shooter outside their perimeter already.


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