23 February 2018

Where Are You Marion?

So far I've heard from "some person on a forum", Gun Owners of America and Florida Carry about what's going on up in Tallahassee.

I've got one dismissive statement from Marion Hammer that she's not been officially informed of the content of a bill which text is available online.

If we pull a win while you're silent during the fight, don't come out after and claim a share of the victory.

Part of this is to be SEEN doing stuff for us.  Back room wheeling and dealing is how we get shit like the Hughes Amendment and 922r.


  1. Marion can' come to the phone right now. She is probably doing lobby shit while other do press releases.

    I don't want Marion emailing you or anybody. I just want her to clog up the legislature for 14 days.
    March 9th they close for the year.

    Now, I can pretend to be her and send you some sexy notifications and shit :)

    1. The money she's pulling down, she can have a PR person put out what she's up to for us; I think.

      But she's reappeared in a timely manner and taking a hard line.


  2. Her email came right after the Florida Legislature's Press release on the new bills. I guess she got aa wind of them and waited.


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