15 February 2018

The Magic Field Didn't Work Again

Once again a gunman was able to cross the magic barrier with a firearm and enter a gunfree zone.

My Senators are both fucking morons.

The AR used didn't even have iron sights.

You're not "maximizing loss of life" if you bring a 20" AR to near CQB distances without sights.

17 people died from a lack of shooting back.

The Lovely Harvey wants to know where the mandated armed deputies were.  This is a high school, there's supposed to be at least one, armed and in uniform, present at all times during school hours.

The suspect didn't have any holes in him, so our deputy didn't manage to return fire.  We don't even know if he was actually on site or, if so, they managed to get anywhere near the shooter.

I see a lot of mil looking gear in the photos of the police response.  Buying all that junk sure helped prevent this didn't it?

There's stuff that can be done to stop these attacks, but we keep shying away from it.  We could have had more effective deterrence in place seven years ago, but my favorite former NRA president took her ball and went home.  It wasn't HER bill, so it deserved no support.

I cannot help but wonder if our shooter would have been less likely to bring a gun to a place where a random adult could have had gun to shoot back.

As things stand now, we clearly know where the guns are prohibited, and the shooters keep shooting them up.

He didn't shoot up a firing range, police station or gunshow... Did he?


  1. It's mandated in statutes in FL that there be an SRO in every high school? Interesting. Mind letting me know the statute? Here in Louisiana, it's a parish-by-parish thing.

    1. I dunno the statute, but it was drilled into us by the schools because we're special needs parents.

      It was meant to be reassuring, but it came across as threatening.

    2. Right on. I may dig around and see if I can find it this weekend. If I'm able to locate it, I'll put the statute number here.

    3. https://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2011/1006.12

      As I read it, the SRO program in Florida is optional, much like the SRO program here in Louisiana. It appears to be a peacemeal, county by county thing, with each county addressing it how they wish. In your county, there may be a local ordinance codifying it into law.

      What pisses me off is Sheriff Israel using this to push for gun control. By the few accounts I have been able to see, there WAS a school resource officer assigned that school, but the Sheriffs Office refuses to say where he was. Was he off duty? Was he covering another school? Reports are that the SRO program in Boward County are "spread thin". If each SRO is covering multiple schools, or if the sheriff doesn't place a deputy to cover the SRO's absence if he is sick, then the Sheriffs Office is not providing a good SRO program. They are providing Security THEATRE.

      No, Sheriff Israel, we don't need to 'overhaul gun laws' or 'give authority to Law Enforcement to involuntarily detain individuals that post disturbing things on social media'. What we need is a Sheriff who adequately funds his SRO program.

      There just isn't any knowledge available right now on where the SRO was, but if I had to guess, based off quotes I've read of Sheriff Israel, I'd hazard to guess he was either off sick and the sheriff didn't send anyone to cover his shift, or he was working either another school or perhaps a wreck or something close by, at the direction of administration.

      Make no mistake, the sick bastard that did this is responsible, but it's obvious that security was inherently promised by the creation of the Boward County SRO program, and it was not provided because of Sheriff Israel's management of the department.

      Or I could be completely wrong. *shrug*

      But that's my impression of the situation so far.

      Sorry to hijack your comments section.

    4. Some of the best stuff happens in comments. Lots of the sidebar is there because I followed them home from commenting.

    5. Now that more info is out, I'll modify my assessment: Sheriff Israel is still an asshole for using this atrocity to call for gun control and more police powers.

      But the SRO was a coward who has no honor.

      What man, who has the means, would NOT run towards the sound of children being shot?

  2. Hi Aggy,
    YUP!! Go shoot up a "Gun show, Cop station or Firing range" and see what happens?? All that would be eft of the perp is a wet spot in the parking lot!! It's a bitch being "Maintenance" and have to clean up the mess!!

    1. Oh Yes, I left out "Donut Shop!!!!"


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