21 February 2018

Proof Of My Law Abiding Nature

I'm building an AK variant from a parts kit.

I'm scrupulously following the law and making sure the 922r parts count is correct.

Hell, I spent $200 more than once to have a barrel that's just a little shorter than 16" legally.  For looks.

Criminals who're going to use their rifle to shoot up schools don't do that.

I suspect they also don't brag much about building a "ghost gun" either.

Not that my Karabinek is much of a ghost gun, what with the receiver being a real, serialized firearm and my filling out a 4473 to get it.

If I were really trying to hide my build and stay under the radar I'd have been paying cash at gun shows for parts kits and receiver flats.

There's videos on how to DIY things without the $450 of Cadillac grade tools.  You can make an AK without even once showing that you're doing it on the internet or your bank knowing where the money went past the ATM.

And I know this.

Yet I am documenting the build on my very public blog, showing pictures, buying the correct parts for the project regardless of FFL's, background checks or even cost.  I am doing this right and that includes obeying the law.

Because if I were to decide that I had to break the law, it'd be select fire from day one.  I know how to do that.  It's not really that hard; it's merely illegal.

At present, the illegal part is a deterrent because there's a wide corridor where I can get what I want completely legally.  I don't even much want a machine gun.

But if the difference between a machine gun and a semi-auto that looks like one is legally negligible; and I'm a criminal either way?  What have I to lose by making the gun a real assault rifle?

I'm not the only person with the gunsmithing know-how to do this either.

Likewise, if the difference between a semi-auto clone and the real deal is legally negligible and it's not criminal, I'd prolly have the fun switch on all my guns.  And they'd sit in my locked rack in my locked closet in my locked bedroom... just like the semi-auto clones do now.

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