15 February 2018

Layers And Layers

The New York Times breathlessly reports that it is easier to buy a handgun in Florida than an AR while referencing the Parkland school shooting.


Individual counties can implement up to a five day waiting period for any gun in addition to the statewide three day waiting period on handguns.

Broward County, where Parkland is located and Oakland Park (where the shooter lived), is one such county.


None of these waiting periods apply if the buyer has a valid carry permit.

The shooter wasn't old enough to have a carry permit, so the waiting period applied.

The one place where it's a bit harder to buy a handgun is the Federal age restriction when buying from an FFL, where the shooter wasn't old enough to buy one.

He was old enough to own one in Florida.

Florida doesn't make any age distinctions with private sales once you're 18 and there's no background or waits.  Florida also doesn't distinguish between types of firearms in a private sale, so buying an AR is exactly as hard as buying a handgun.

So in one, specific and FEDERAL case... yes it is easier to buy an AR in Florida than a handgun.

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