25 February 2018

But Does It Go With My Shoes?

I got an accessory for the Tantal.

An ammo pouch.

This is the pouch I mentioned before that holds three magazines, four clips, a cleaning kit, bipod and charger guide.

I think the Poles intended their infantry to be frugal types who hung onto their mags and empty chargers.

Look inside!  Genuine Polish magazines are a little out of budget right now so you have to settle for Magpul's AK-74 PMAG-30.

There's little pockets so you can save your chargers for later.

You can even use the charger pocket to hold an extra magazine if you want.

The little side pocket carries your sundries, like your cleaning kit, charger guide and oiler.

The big pocket holds the bipod.  This shows a clear philosophical difference between late 1980's Poland and early 1960's US Army.  Their bipod is issued with the rifle and every ammo pouch has provision to carry it.

The US M3 bipod's case included pockets for the cleaning kit, but was an afterthought as well.

All things considered, they are very similar bipods.  wz.88 on the left and M3 on the right.

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