24 February 2018

I Am Going To Do This

I just know it.

I can see me doing this in response to any comparison to the US gun situation and other nations.

America really IS different, so even if the solution was ideal for the other nation and worked well (which by the way isn't true in Australia) it's not going to work in The US.

We also find, over and over, that the gun control successes in other nations often rely on flat out falsifying the statistics.


  1. Used it, and got a “Fuck America, then” by way of reply. I believe I struck a nerve...

  2. People like to babble about gun control, and cite Japan. I've been there. The Japanese police have powers that our own local JBGTs would cheerfully cut their mothers' throats to have, and they have a suicide rate, particularly among young people, that we would consider a national emergency.

    1. Gee... I wish I'd posted about how Japan was different from the US.


      Oh, wait! I did!


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