13 February 2018

Quote Of The Motherfucking Decade

"All us business and STEM majors had to take a bunch of stupid liberal arts classes in order to graduate college. Shouldn’t these social justice majors at least have to take some econ and accounting classes?" Larry Correia


  1. If they could understand econ and accounting, they'd have real majors...

  2. I don't think there has ever been an engineering student in the history of engineering schools who didn't say something like that.

  3. now it is worse and you have to pay for the privilege of listening to drivel. also ruins your grade average.

  4. Yes. Next question.

    As an engineering graduate, I can only agree with both SiGraybeard & deborah harvey about the "value" of the social science classes that I was forced to take.

    I had to prove the correctness of everything that I wrote in the Ethics class assessment paper in my appeal to the Dean of Engineering in order to over-turn the failing grade that the lecturer gave me.
    Her sole rebuttal argument was: "But it all sounds so MEAN."

    In response to being told to correct things, she wanted to give me a bare passing grade, while I insisted on a grade at least equal to the average of all my other classes.

    Convinced that I was stupid because I didn't agree with her, so the grade wouldn't be very high anyway, she agreed.

    Best "A" I ever got, achieved by PROVING that the lecturer was an idiot, and refuting everything that she taught.


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