22 February 2018

Parts Kit Joy

The rear trunnion and the safety stop were still attached to small sections of the original gun's receiver.

This meant getting the rivets out.

The four short rivets on the safety stop were already missing heads from the removal of the trigger guard.  They were relatively easy.

The two long rivets for the rear trunnion...  Completely intact.

Ground off the heads flush with the sidewall.

Hammer with 5/32" punch.  Nothing.

Drill out the center of the rivet with a 1/8" drill bit.

Hammer with a 5/32" punch.  Something, but it stopped moving and wouldn't go any further.

But now I have a nice "countersunk" hole to start the 5/32" drill!

ZING!  Done.

Well almost.  Broke the bit right at the end of the second hole (Edit: this is why you wear eye protection in the shop!).  Happily, this had loosened up the rivet enough to tap out with the 1/8" punch.

As soon as I have a Tapco trigger group, I am ready to make my build class appointment!  Huzzah!


  1. The AK-74 is a quality tool. You will enjoy it. If you are troubled with the rivet part, remember you can assemble it with 10-32 button head cap screws also. It looks sharp with the screws and you can take it apart if you need to. Can't do that with rivets ! Thanks for the insights you share here. I really enjoy them.

    1. The reason I'm doing a Polish version of the AK-74 is because of Twilight: 2000 an alt-history (now) of World War 3 role playing game. I don't think my nostalgia trip would allow me to use screws, no matter how practical.


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