30 January 2022

2022 FN High-Power

The more I look at the FNHP22 the less I give a fuck.

FN, what do I get for my $1,300 that I don't get from a $600 (or less) M&P 9?

I don't think a metal frame and hammer is worth $700+.  Do you?

By the way, everyone pining for a redo of the S&W 3rd Gen pistols should pay attention to this thing's price point.

What happens if the S&W CSX turns out to wildly popular and they scale it up to service pistol dimensions?

S&W isn't going to have that $1,300 price point scaling up a pistol with an MSRP of $610.  It might even get cheaper with more space to put components than the micro gun it presently is.  Or be the same price, the M&P line is pretty consistently priced regardless of caliber or scale.

I just dunno what FN be smokin' here.

I can't even say I'd be saving money on magazines by buying one because it's pretty clear it doesn't take high-power mags.


  1. Frankly I think if I was in the market for something High-Power-ish... I'd probably buy a used one (high dollar usually) or one of those Turk made TISAS Regent BR9 (attractively cheap)...

  2. I've noticed alot of European guns, both rifles and pistols, seem awfully expensive to me.
    I wonder if it is because in much of Europe, the paperwork to own a gun is so expensive and time consuming that the actual gun cost is minor. In addition, in much of Europe, ordinary people are restricted to 1 or 2 pistols, so, again, buy the best you can since it's all you can own...

    I'd rather buy a real Hi Power (or compatible clone) than this thing that steals the name... oh wait, I did!


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