04 January 2022

There's This Thing Called Inflation Too

Been reading the hive of scum and villainy which is Arfcom and there's some massive amounts of unrealistic expectations with regards to gun prices.

Supply, demand and inflation are all at work to make that $80 Tula arsenal refurb SKS an $800 rifle today.  Numbers matching, bright bolt carrier Tula will be a $1,500 gun.

No, you cannot buy a Glock 20 Gen4 for $475 new unless you're eligible for a Blue Label gun.

For fuck's sake, even the lowly Mosin is over $400... if you can find one for sale.  Everyone is out locally.

I paid $70 whole dollars for my SMLE Mk.III*.  I've seen similar guns sell for $650 not all that long ago.

$400 Finnish Kiv.28/30 have risen to $800.

Except for the Glock, they're not making any more and what supplies that aren't already in the states are in places which are on naughty lists and can't ship them here.

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  1. Waaaaay back when you could get a wooden Nagant case filled with 10 Type 56 SKS for a coupla hundred, I bought a case and a single with a tax return. It sat, it sat and it sat some more. Never cleaned, still soaked and wrapped in the goo they came in. They got moved from house to house, and eventually traded the entire case for something not on the books. I learned about 'slam fire' and the floating firing pin/cosmoline 'issue' and the fact these were mostly parts guns thrown together at some low end low IQ arsenal. (Firing pin was too big for the hole in the end of the bolt, and once jammed there by the firing pin, it did NOT come out)
    Still, having a case of anything was pretty cool, but what they got traded for was 'cooler', even if it rarely gets to see the light of day. Someday...someday.
    However today, with the what the individual rifles would bring, that phantom toy could have been purchased as new, all the ammo she could eat (well, at least a lot), and it could be displayed proudly instead of behind a block wall in the warehouse.
    Even some of the C&R stuff will make a new vehicle payment...if you could find a new vehicle to buy.


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