26 January 2022


I'm sore.

No doubt about it.

When the doc told me I'd broken bones, I didn't believe him because, surely, that would hurt at least as bad as my legs.  Right?

My shins still hurt worse than my ribs when I'm positioned neutrally.

I can move so my ribs and sternum hurt way worse, but it's easy to avoid.

Thanks to everyone who stopped in to wish me well!

I'm lubing up to be fucked by USAA now...


  1. Unfortunately, this will be several weeks at least before everything is close to no pain. Glad you are not worse.

  2. My experience with USAA is they are the least butt-fuckery of insurance companies. Good luck.

    At least USAA has actual American English speakers for their phone customer service.

    1. Agreed, they're not as good as they used to be, but they are better than everybody else.

  3. And whatever you do, don't sneeze or cough. Trust me, you'll think you were in pain before. You weren't.

  4. not a fan of pain killers unless they actually put my ass to sleep...don't think i would want to wake up with all body parts hurting you have...would rather just deal with the pain...hope you get well soon...panzer guy...

  5. Get them to send an adjuster, then check the condition he lists and make sure it gets through to the system.
    I totaled a car a couple years ago with USAA - their offer was low because the condition in their system was lower than the condition the appraiser rated it at. The difference for me was over $2k.

    It will take time to resolve, so I hope you're not paying storage fees. It took me a month to get everything straightened out; don't expect it to be fast.


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