09 January 2022


Watching reviews of the HP clone from Springfield and I wonder:

Have we forgiven them for hiring people who supported gun control yet?


  1. Hi Angus!!,
    SO????!!, Springfield hires people who support "Gun Control???" Fill Me in... WTF is the deal here?? This is a new one on me!! I want to know more!! 'Guess I have to call them in the morning and get a "full report!!"
    ps generally people who work for "GUN COMPANIES!!"... "LIKE!!!!!!!!!" GUNS!!!!!!!

    1. Springfield and Rock River Arms paid the Illinois Firearm Manufacturing Association who went on to make campaign contributions to anti-gun politicians in an effort to get exempted from some bad law.


  2. For half the cost of that Springfield here is one almost the same. I will admit I would like the US made unit, but not for that big a $$ difference.


  3. +I thought it was Ruger that did that.


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