20 January 2022


I did a comparison between the fusion plants in Traveller: Interstellar Wars and GURPS: Transhuman Space.

The Traveller plant gives 2.5 times the power for the same space in the ship.

I think I know why.

Traveller has miraculous gravitics.

They're using gravity manipulation to smush the fuel to a fusion state.

Transhuman is harder, crunchier, science fiction and is constrained by real world theory for the physics.

Kinda neat!

Something else I realized is that a Traveller plant requires tremendous power requirements at start-up to create the initial state.

1 comment:

  1. Nicely done. Interestingly enough grav plates may be possible. They'd use Dr. Forwards conception of negative mass material. It appears that this stuff has been made in lab quantities and its as weird as you'd expect.

    Gonna be a few years before air cars though, if they happen well after our upcoming Long Night.


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