25 January 2022


 An ignoble end.

Yes, I am kinda lucky to be all here.

Especially so since for three years the airbags were disabled because the driver's seat wiring was fucked up.  I'd only gotten that repaired in April last year.

That airbag saved my life.  I don't think the seatbelt alone would have.

It's a testimony about how much safer cars are now than years past.

The Lovely Harvey is presently having nightmares from October 1987 when a friend of hers was killed in an accident.  Her 1975 Chevy Nova looks the same as my car from the firewall forward.  Where they differ is the crease in the passenger compartment that shortened her car almost two feet and let the steering column crush her chest.  My passenger compartment is intact.


  1. A 50's era car looking like that would have dead bodies in it. Same with 60's. Most likely 70's. Modern cars are much safer than they used to be. By design, the crush zones crush and absorb energy.

    Unfortunately, this means the car often dies big time. Fortunately leaving the meat puppets not dead.

    You, sir, lucked out big time.

  2. Oh, jeesh! That makes what happened to my car look pretty mild! I'm so sorry to see this...I know what that car meant to you. Still and all, I'm just glad you're alive.

  3. NO! You are alive and have ability to mend. Part out the noble beast and count your blessings>

  4. Wow! Glad that you are mostly ok, and in one piece. I wish you a speedy recovery. Sorry about the loss of the car, but thank God for modern crash protection features!

    Check out this sobering YouTube video of a vintage and modern car crash test.

    1. I remember that vid from when it came out, I was a member of the Impala SS community at the time.

      It was sobering then too.

    2. Been there done that in my chevy truck no airbag vs some type of sedan. Black eye and lots of pain but lived. Other driver dead at the scene with airbag but I believe grossly overweight. You just never know. My guess she was doing 50-60 I was static.

      Glad you survived the back pain got really bad a day or two later was surprising.

  5. God didn't want you and the Devil feared the competition.

    Glad you're OK.

  6. Holy SHIT !.. You are lucky man. Stay on the mend.

  7. Jeebus. Glad you're decently okay.

  8. Glad you made it through. Ohio Guy


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