13 January 2022

My Wife Is A Thief

The Lovely Harvey had the day off and the afternoon free after running her mom to the eye doctor.

She suggested we go shooting.

So we grabbed some pistols and hit the range with Marv.

She's lost some grip strength as she's aged so the SIG P232 is getting to be a bear to operate.

I suggested she try my S&W M&P 9 Sheild Plus...

I shouldn't have.

She shot better with it than the other three guns I brought and she has not given it back.

I think she plans on letting me buy me a replacement.

I think...


  1. Wimmins are intelligent to choose a good thing when they see it. My wife has confiscated a few of my items along the way, but I can't complain too much of her choice. I am one of them. She has given back to me where losing an item is worth it. Maybe its replacement is even better. :^)

    I've learned long ago if you REALLY like an item, buy two if at all possible. You have a spare one to give or keep stored for a treasured person. Interesting how often that happens.


  2. That reminds me of my wife who has new favorite after each range trip. Fortunately for me her current love is my S&W 10-7 which is the one I struggle with and I got my Shield 9 back. She's not technically or mechanically inclined so revolvers appeal to her and service sized .38 has minimal recoil

  3. it's automatic permission to buy when they take your stuff...at least in my house...panzer guy...


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