31 January 2022

Brace Yourself

Looks like BATFE is going to legislate by regulatory fiat previously OK pistol braces into short barrel rifles in August.

I think we need to have some honesty about pistol braces.

The ATF is correctly interpreting their usage here.

How many times have you seen someone using their brace like a stock?

How many times have you seen someone using the brace to fire one handed?

So far I've seen the former a lot and the latter not at all.

Welcome to loophole 101!

A loophole that we wouldn't even be concerned about had we just said, way back when, that a "pistol" made from a rifle was a still a rifle, send in your $200.

The fucking headaches from people making rifle action pistols sure was worth it!

Like making all kinds of rifle ammo unimportable because it's armor piercing pistol ammo now.

Well, this ruling will be screwing the few people who needed that brace to fire a pistol, but...

PS: Making that stockless SBR legally a pistol is also taking advantage of a loophole.

I'm still of the opinion that we should be trying to repeal the NFA and putting far more restrictions, with teeth, on the executive branch doing legislation via regulation.  Lawsuits more along the lines of, "the executive has no granted power to..."

Especially since what the law says about an FFL selling me a gun is very simple and someone can be charged for filling out the 4473 wrong as if they were breaking that law when they're not prohibited from owning a gun.


  1. I agree.

    Why some items are NFA is beyond me. Why NFA even exists is, well, beyond me.

    Jan 28 was a year on waiting for tax stamps for 2 suppressors purchased from dealer stock.

    Anyway... Peace

  2. Part of the problem is that the BATFE originally said "Pistol Braces (or insert whatever part is now badthink) are A-Okay and perfectly fine and we're going not going to change our minds about it ever. Promise this time. Pinky swear."

    Yeah, how's that working for you. It's almost as if they (the BATFE) set traps and let people walk right into it over and over and over again.

    That's the real issue. BATFE said the braces, the triggers, the trigger group, the springs, the this, the that and the other thing, were all perfectly within the law. Until they aren't.

    And no move to grandfather in any of these products. Nope. It's full Jackbooted Thug time, seize all the records of the manufacturers and the dealers and distributors and track down every last one and if it involves kicking some doors down and shooting some dogs, well, that's the BATFE for you.

    Here's a thought. When a company or companies send stuff to be approved or disapproved, how about making a ruling that is final right then, rather than circling back and screwing everyone just because.

    Even better, how about ruling as if the Constitution actually exists and there aren't these things called "The Federalist Papers" that outline exactly what the founders and writers of the Constitution were actually thinking when they wrote the damned thing.

    Like the continued stupidity we see in California, where they outlaw one thing, then say the next thing is okay, and then outlaw that, and say the next next thing is okay, and outlaw that, and then and then and then.

    The total bullshit of the whole situation is bullshit. Stupid bullshit.

    Yes, the braces were bullshit. But the BATFE originally said the bullshit was okay. Then the BATFE said it wasn't okay but they'll not do anything about it. And now the BATFE says they'll kick your door down and shoot your dog if you don't turn them in mach schnell.

    And how many of our pro-gun people support the BATFE in their continued stupidity because it doesn't affect their little spot of sunshine?

  3. bush sr. wanted to abolish atf/roll them up into the fbi. ruby ridge. clinton wanted to do the same. waco/okc. i suspect somebody is floating that idea again. they have to try to show their relevancy.

  4. I had a cousin who retired as a regional head of the Secret Service. He said the Secret Service had nothing but contempt for the ATF. "What they're best at is hassling gun store owners."


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