22 January 2022

Swing The Axe

I am reading about how we're evacuating non-essential personal from our embassies in Ukraine.

This keyholes with how non-essential workers were furloughed when the government "shuts down" when Congress fails in their primary duty of making and passing a budget.

Pray, tell me, if they're not essential; why are we wasting money on them in the first place?

Seems we can get a much smaller government by just letting these folks find honest work.  They might even find employment doing what they were doing before, but now as a private citizen providing a service for a fee.

I'm in favor of finding out how much of our government we'd pay for if we had to pay for it individually.

Wanna bet we wouldn't pay for much at all?


  1. I remember the media screaming about how many unfilled senior positions there were in .gov when Trump was POTUS, yet government kept trotting right along. Nobody seemed to question whether those positions might not be necessary.


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