15 January 2022

24/7 My Ass

The shitter in the main bathroom is flushing very slowly.

I wouldn't trust it with poop.

The toilet flange appears to have finally given up the ghost and that's a repair above my pay grade.

So we called a plumber we'd used before and had given us good service.

Got their answering machine.

That was at 11:40 this morning.

They have yet to respond.

I guess we will call a different plumber now.

Luckily, this is a two-hole house, so we aren't reduced to running two houses down to the inlaws to shit.


  1. The flange isn't as hard to fix as you might think. I've done it before... You can buy a two piece replacement. Usually the original one piece one has just disintegrated to rust and once you remove the toilet will be easy to remove. The new two piece ones go on pretty easy and then you can just re-install the toilet. Make sure you replace the wax seal too, as the old one will probably be too nasty to even think about re-using. And the job is a PITA if your toilet doesn't have a shutoff valve directly on its line. If if doesn't you should turn off the main water valve and install a shutoff valve first.

    However all that said... I can certainly understand if after reading that you still don't want to do it yourself. I probably wouldn't these days unless it was a crisis situation. It does suck that your first plumber flaked out. Hopefully the next one will be on the ball. I don't know at what point it becomes a crisis enough to try tackling it yourself. If it gets to that good luck, and check out some youtube videos or something first of course.

    1. Because Home Depot and Lowe's doesn't carry the correct flange for the outlet in the floor is the main reason we haven't tackled this ourselves. We've crutched it with fixit gizmoes and gotten nearly 16 years without calling a plumber.

    2. Makes sense. 16 years is pretty good for keeping something like that going...

  2. Changing the wax ring is two bolts and a water supply unhooking.
    Your slow drain will probably need a snake you can rent at H/D or Lowe's.

    Why do you think the flange is bad?

    1. Because it's been falling apart for years. Last time we had the shitter off the floor there was nothing left of the old one and we used a repair ring thing.

    2. And being in FLA, you have concrete floors..


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