03 January 2022

Jame Yeager Apparently Has ALS Try Not To Shoot The Cameraman

And I don't fucking care.

If I ask why I should care, I get shouted down and called a bad person.

No explanation, of course.

Mr Yeager was nobody to me but a pro-gun dancing monkey.  A pro-gun dancing monkey that did some seriously stupid and dangerous things in firearms instruction.

Someone to be avoided even if they agreed with me about gun ownership.

I'm getting sick of the idea that we have to forget the stupid shit he did just because he's sick and there's a large following who don't understand that he was teaching stupid shit. 

Never mind his endless tirades that did not advance our rights a bit and helped convince the undecided that the restrictions we already have should remain or be expanded.

So you're going to have to explain to me why I should hope he gets better when he's not doing us any good alive.

1 comment:

  1. Yep. If you are sick or physically disabled or disadvantaged, it's on you, the shooter, to learn to modify one's stance and stuff so you can still shoot safely.

    Just like the mentally disadvantaged or disabled actors don't get a freebie just because they have IQs and overall brain power equivalent to a cheap solar calculator in comparison to some gamer's high-powered gaming computer setup.


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