09 January 2022

Moar Climate Change Please!

The excess of CO2 in the atmosphere tracks with increased crop yields per hectare.

We should be making more CO2 if we don't wanna starve.  And stop burning food to make our cars have shitty mileage and fragile fuel systems.

Plants like more CO2, hotter and wetter for the most part.

They give us food and oxygen in return.

Everyone wins!

Of course the people bothered by this news also can't grasp that we're going to need to triple the power production in the US to replace gasoline cars with electric vehicles.  I know they don't grasp this because they're opposed to any technology that will actually supply more power to the grid, especially if it's reliable power.

Right now your EV is powered by coal and natural gas.  It could be nuclear powered.  It will not be wind and solar powered.  Not when coal and natural gas are banned or regulated as tightly as nukes.

We should have non-uranium nuclear plants all over the place already, but the fucking greenies don't understand science, let alone engineering, so they're scared of thorium and neptunium.

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