12 January 2022


My "buddy" who thinks he can outshoot anyone after 7 shots?

Give him something with sights that aren't regulated for any load you can still buy at any range we can actually go shooting at!

Like the SMLE.

You wanna hit center of the target with commercial .303 you're going to have aim about 50cm low at 100 yards.


  1. Ain't that the truth! Those rifles were not meant for CQB.

  2. I've developed hand loads for several milsurp rifles in order to get them to shoot near enough to on target. One of the ones I had to back off the most was 8x56R Hungarian (Steyr M95 straight pull Mannlicher style rifle). Even the milsurp (Austrian or Nazi marked) ammo shoots extremely high at 100 yards or less. The milsurp ammo is loaded pretty hot, gives the shoulder a good pounding. My hand loads with IMR 3031 or IMR 4895 are much more pleasant to shoot.


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