11 January 2022

Lemme Get This Straight

You're betting me that you're going to a better shot than me with anything after seven shots?

Meet you at the range, motherfucker.

I'll bring something that recoils brutally and see how your non-shooter ass does.

I know I can shoot that painful shit.

But it takes time at the range to learn to control flinch and that's where I will have your braggart ass.

You're going to be in pain.  You're not going to be familiar with it and you will not shoot near so well.

It'd be worth borrowing Willard's 329PD and shoot full up .44 Magnum loads just to shut this guy up.

And I'm ready for him to shut up.

Especially since I pounded out this:

50 yards, irons, 21 seconds worth of function test, not an accuracy test.

That's with Willard's M1956A2 gun to make sure I'd cured the stoppage problem.

I've seen neophytes shoot .308 from a light gun like that before.  It amuses me a lot.  I wasn't even mad at them.

UPDATE: It just hit me.  With range time, ammo and targets this was about a $3 a second shoot.  I've gotten a better dollar to time value at a strip club!


  1. Oh, boy. Who kicked your can?

    It's like the loudmouth braggarts who insist they can kick my fat arse using batons in SCA fighting, because they are fit and healthy looking.

    5 minutes later, after introductory pell work, they're sucking wind and I'm still hitting quarter inch shots.

    Training matters.

    And, no, I totally acknowledge that people who actually shoot regularly are far better shots than me. I've only proven to myself that I can get all my shots into at close range.

    1. There's a know-it-all at the local brewery's tap room that keeps hitting us with trivia shit and it's devolved into braggarty.

      He fucking made me remember how to do the damn math to figure out the density of degenerate matter and calculate it for neutron degeneracy just to find out that a 19mm cube of it is far more than a few blocks of buildings.

      I'm mad as wet hen for having to remember that MOTHERFUCKING COCKSUCKING SHITSPITTING math too!

      Bottles and bottles of Jack Daniels gave their lives to help me forget that shit. But I also remember how to speak Vietnamese until I sober up. The TA taught our recitation in Vietnamese just so the Chinese students couldn't follow. He tutored me later in English so I would pass.

    2. One of the first practical uses of Calculus I found was figuring out the volume of Traveller ships and then realizing all of them were full of shit and wonky and pissed me off totally and, dammit, Calculus ate my brain... AUUUGGHGHHGHGHHHH

      Though Traveller also taught me vector analysis, so, well...

      I understand your anger and passion at not wanting to do the maths.

      Speaking Vietnamese around Chinese students? Damn, I wished I had been able to do that when I worked at the local university. The ChiCom students looked down upon us poor stupid Lower Kingdom dwellers with such disdain.


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