31 January 2022


USAA uses lube and cuddles after the fucking!

No where near what I'd need to replace her.

Actually, she cannot be replaced.  The Precious was special and irreplaceable.

The Rust Monster was likewise special and was never replaced...

She might be supplanted, but will never be gone from my heart.


  1. it seems a lot of vets use usaa...i got a quote from them and they were expensive as hell...i live in an area i've gone through a lot of windshields and a moon roof (damn they are expensive to replace even with insurance, deduct and that was $250)...lots of 18 wheelers out here...anyway, they were too expensive for my blood...and if your description is how they treat people, they can eat a bag of richards...panzer guy...

    1. They are 1/3 what I would pay through AAA. AAA beats GEICO.

      Depends on your area and credit rating.

  2. I don't know how it is in Florida but here in Texas you can ask them to find a replacement vehicle for the price they are offering you. They have to be able to show you that the comparable vehicle is available at the price they are offering you. Don't take the first offer. You give them a price that will allow replacement.

    1. I took the second offer. It's still short of cars that are actually for sale because I had 178k miles and the typical Vette is under 60k.

      I could probably bridge the difference, but I am thinking that I might be done with the breed.

    2. Well good luck with whatever you get.The 47-49 sounds good!!

  3. In my experience, they pay on the value of your vehicle, not a replacement, unless you paid extra for a replacement, in which case it probably still won't cover it.

    When I totaled my truck, I took the 4th offer USAA gave me - it was more than I had paid for it, even accounting for the large deductible.


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