19 January 2022


I've been stabbing unsubscribe on a lot of YouTube channels I used to enjoy.

Repetitious and boring sums up most of them.

But a couple of car channels actively shying away from interesting projects to stay on the repetitious, boring and predictable formula was the last straw.

That thing right there that you're refusing to work on?  I want to watch you work on that you talentless hack!

No, there is no schematic or manual for this.  You can't plug it into a computer to diagnose it.

I thought you were a mechanic.

But you pale compared to the idiot who keeps bringing these projects to you.

And idiot is an act.

He's flipping these cars for a profit and making a big deal about how he paid so little to get the car and so much to fix it...

But he shows his house in the vids.  He's not hurting.

But he's got the viewers hooked that he's going broke doing this.

If that were true, it would have ended a long while ago.

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